Indiansprings Green Tea -Gymnema

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An effective green tea to manage diabetes

The herb Gymnema long been in use in the treatment for diabetes. The first records dating back up to 2000 years! The herb, better known as Gurmar in India, has properties that reduce the sugar absorption level from the intestines which helps diabetic patients better control their sugar levels. The compounds in the herb may also increase insulin levels in the body making the person less dependant on insulin shots. It's a Dietary supplement and used all ingredients are pure herbal extracts.

The benefits of the herb go beyond treating diabetes. When is mixed with medicinal herbs in the form of mixed powder, Gymnema also helps improve digestion and aids in losing weight. 

Laced with Indian spices like ginger, mint, and stevia for natural sweetness, Indian Springs Gymnema tea is a must for Indian houses trying to keep diabetes at bay.

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