Indiansprings Green Tea-Slimming Tea (G-Fit)

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The G-Fit Herbal Slim Tea is a blend of precious herbs with handpicked green tea grown in Assam. We craft our Classic Green Tea by blending organically grown ingredients like , Guggal, Mulethi, Ashwagandha, Gudaci, Garcinia, mint, ginger and other precious medicinal herbs. The Indian spices and herbs in this green tea, give it an exotic taste which is enhanced by the zero-calorie natural sweetener, stevia. Along with taste, the tea packs in great health benefits too ranging from controlling bad cholesterol to acting as a catalyst in the process of detox, lose weight and fitness.

How to use:

1.Add 1 teaspoon of this powder to a cup of (180 ml) hot water.

2.Allow the tea to brew for 2 minutes.

  1. Add 1/2 teaspoon of honey for extra taste.
  2. Drink daily twice or trice after food for better results.

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