Stevia Sweetener-Zero Calorie

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Stevia Sweetener-Zero Calorie
Stevia Sweetener-Zero Calorie

Stevia extract is a natural sweetener with loads of medicinal properties but minus the calories. The naturally sweet herb, stevia, is 100 times sweeter than sugar which makes it a go-to solution for all purpose alternate to sugar with out calories. 

Uses of Stevia for healthy lifestyle:

 Steviol glycoside extracts have broad applications as sweetener in the manufacture of fruit and milk drinks, desserts, yoghurt, delicacies, confectioneries, fruit products, processed seafood products, pickles, table-top  sweeteners and dietary supplements. It will be used in pharmacies for sweetening the products alternate to artificial sweeteners.

 What is Stevia sweetener?

 Steviol glycosides are the collective name of the sweet substances found naturally in the plant Stevia .Steviol glycosides are required at low doses to sweeten foods. This has strong radical scavenging capacity, besides that acting as a sweetener; it could also act as antioxidant. When added to food, it was found that Stevia can delay the degradation of vitamin C.Stevia sweeteners don't have calories and are a good choice for people trying to lose weight. They generally don't raise blood sugar levels, so they're a good sugar alternative for people with diabetes. Stevia is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and has no calories. It comes from a plant, so some consider it a "natural, “rather” than an artificial, sweetener.

In conclusion

When substituted for sugar, stevia can help with weight management by reducing added sugar and ‎calories. Stevia can be used by anyone, including normal-weight persons, who simply want to reduce overall ‎sugar intake and improve dietary quality. All major regulatory bodies found stevia to be safe and suitable for ‎the entire family.‎

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Stevia Sweetener-Zero Calorie
Stevia Sweetener-Zero Calorie

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